Brand Building Masterclass 1 - Finding Your Niche

Brand Building Masterclass 1 - Finding Your Niche

In any business, finding your niche is the first step to building a brand that buyers know, like and trust. But how do you find your Teachers Pay Teachers niche? Read the blog to get your FREE worksheet and find your TpT niche today!

Have you ever wondered what sets successful Teachers Pay Teacher (TpT) sellers apart? Why some sellers make 6-figures a year, and others only $6? 

Successful TpT sellers build a brand that other teachers know, like and trust!

Want to learn how to build your own successful brand? It all starts with finding your niche!

Keep reading to learn more, and to get the most out of this lesson, DOWNLOAD the workbook I've created especially for this process!

What is a niche?

In the realm of TpT, a niche relates to products that appeal to a small, specialised section of the population.

Why is a niche important?

The bottom line - it is more PROFITABLE!


1. It builds trust. By becoming an authority in your niche, educators view you as a reliable source for their needs. 

2. It allows for premium pricing. Specialists always charge more for their knowledge, time and expertise - you can do the same!

3. It reduces competition. Focusing on a specific area means facing fewer competitors, giving you more room to shine. 

4. It's more sustainable. You can't be everything to everyone. Having a sustainable business that you can work on year after year is much more profitable than one where the owner burns out.

How do you find your niche?

Your niche is that sweet spot where your interests, expertise, and the needs of your audience intersect.

In the workbook I've linked above, you'll have space to brainstorm answers to the following!

To find your niche, take around 20-30 minutes to answer the following questions:

01 - Interests

• What topics or subjects genuinely excite and inspire me as an educator?

• What aspects of teaching do I find most engaging and enjoyable?

• Are there specific teaching methods or styles that I'm particularly passionate about?

02 - Expertise

• What subjects or topics have I studied or taught extensively?

• Do I have specialised knowledge or training in any particular area?

• Are there areas where colleagues and peers often seek my advice or guidance?

03 - Audience Need

• What are the most common challenges faced by teachers in my subject or grade level?

• What types of teaching resources are frequently requested or lacking on TpT?

• What do teachers in my niche look for when searching for classroom materials?

What now?

Use these questions as a starting point for identifying your niche on TpT. 

Also ask your colleagues and friends what they think!


Need some real life examples? I got you! Your perfect niche might even be listed below!

• K-6 science

• Year 5 & 6 maths

• K-2 phonics

• High school history

• Literacy resources for EAL/D students

Where to next?

After you've decided on your niche it will be time to identify your Ideal Customer! Lucky for you, I have a blog post on this too! Read it HERE!

Got questions? Leave a comment below!

All my best,


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