6 Fun Ways to Teach Figurative Language!

6 Fun Ways to Teach Figurative Language!

I have always found that teaching figurative language can be equal parts fun and challenging! To help you make it more fun than frightening, read this blog to find 6 fun lesson ideas!

I have always found that teaching figurative language can be equal parts fun and challenging! While students love experimenting with and exploring language, all the new terminology can be overwhelming and confusing! Students can also be unaccustomed to even thinking about their language choices, and so a lot of practice is required for the effective use of figurative language. 

Over the years, I have developed a range of figurative language resources that my students have tried, tested and LOVED! 

Keep reading to see my top 6!

1. Silly Similes

Experimenting with figurative language can be daunting for students, so why not make it fun and silly! 

In this activity, students are provided with adjective, verb and noun cards to place on the blank template. When complete, each line creates a silly simile. This is a fun way to revise both similes and grammatical terminology!

Students can write their own adjectives, nouns and verbs in the blank spaces provided, or fold the page in half and have students work in pairs, completing each side in secret before revealing the silly sentence at the end!

Love the sound of this? This is a subscriber exclusive freebie that you can access simply by creating an account HERE!

2. Figurative Language in Literature

As readers, teachers can appreciate beautiful writing more than most. However, I don’t know about you, but I can never recall good examples of figurative language when planning or delivering a lesson!

She sells sea shells by the sea shore?

Hmm, I think we can do better!

That’s why I went out searching for examples of figurative language in amazing literature, like The Hobbit, The Great Gatsby and Shakespearean plays.

In my Figurative Language in Literature pack I have provided 14 examples that students can analyse, refer to, and match up!

Giving students examples of figurative language from high quality literature had such a massive impact on the quality of my student’s writing and saved me loads of time each year!

If you think your students would love this too, you can grab a copy HERE!

3. Post It Note 'Write the Room'

Once students have an understanding of different figurative language devices, it's time to get moving!

In this write the room activity, I sourced eye-catching images from pobble365, and placed them around the room with a stack of post its. Students then went around with a partner to add a post it to each poster.

In the end, we discussed our favourite figurative language and vocab examples - this made for such a comprehensive writing and vocab lesson too!

It also makes a great bulletin board display that students can refer to throughout the year!

4. Figurative Language Task Cards

My photo prompt Figurative Language Task Cards are a fabulous follow up from the post it note write the room lesson.

In my pack of 32 task cards, each card has a different photo, as well as space to plan and write a short description.

These task cards require no prep, and are A5 in size, so fit nicely in student workbooks! They are ideal for revision, daily 5 and homework.

Click HERE if you'd like to grab a copy of these top quality task cards!

5. Figurative Language Escape Room

My Figurative Language Escape Room is the ULTIMATE activity for finishing your focus on figurative language (see what I did there?). It's fast paced, hands-on and so much fun!

While working through 4 critical thinking tasks, not only will students be honing core literacy skills, they'll also be developing communication and problem solving skills.

How does it work?

Students are introduced to the following scenario:

The National Library has just been broken into! Priceless scrolls and literary artefacts could be lost forever, unless the thieves are stopped!

The only way to secure the perimeter of the library and ensure the thieves cannot escape, is to follow the clues and find the 4 lock down codes, using your knowledge of figurative language!

The National Library is relying on you, so make sure you read all the instructions carefully and work together as a team!

Students are provided with the following instructions:

1. In your groups, you will have a package that contains all of the instructions and materials needed to uncover the 4 secret codes

2. Read all instructions carefully and work collaboratively to solve the problems

3. When you finish a task, the code must be typed into the Google Form (provided by your teacher). If your code is incorrect you will be prompted to ‘try again’. If your code is correct, continue to the next task!

What's included?

- 4 rigorous tasks that revise figurative language through matching definitions and rich literature examples

- Access to a self-checking/marking Google Form - no teacher marking required!

- Answer key

Check it out HERE if you'd like a copy!

6. Figurative Language Posters

As with my Figurative Language in Literature pack and my Figurative Language Escape Room, these FREE posters feature examples from rich literature. 

While all resources cover the same figurative language techniques, each use different examples, this way, your students can be exposed to as many quality texts as possible!

Posters can be printed in colour (as pictured) or in black and white on coloured paper!

Not only are these posters a great wall display and something you can refer to throughout the year, they can also be printed smaller and glued into student books, or viewed and discussed on your interactive whiteboard!

This can also be found in my Free Resource Library - sign up HERE!


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As this blog post shows, this MEGA pack has literally everything you need to teach, assess and enjoy figurative language. It will also save you SO much time! 


Hope you love these ideas!

Bye for now teacher bud, 


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