FREE Number & Algebra Activity Packs!

FREE Number & Algebra Activity Packs!

Ready to download six FREE print and go activities for Year 5 & 6? Read the blog to find out how!


Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of outcomes you need to cover in Year 5 & 6?

Let me help! I have just released a print and go MEGA bundle that includes activities for all 12 Number and Algebra outcomes in the new Australian Curriculum V9.0 - and today you are going to be able to download an entire outcome pack from this bundle for FREE!

Let's get to the FREEBIES I promised...

All you need to do is enter your first name and email below and you will be taken straight to my library of free resources. 

Want to know exactly what's waiting for you?

👉 Year 5 Teachers, you are getting my “Interpret, Compare & Order Decimals” Pack (outcome AC9M5N01)

👉 Year 6 Teachers, you can download my “Understanding Negative Integers” Pack (AC9M6N01).

👉 PLUS over $100 of other amazing freebies! You won't want to miss it!

What now?

After you've had a chance to see (for FREE) just how amazing these packs are, and the incredible range of activities provided for each outcome, I know you'll be DYING to grab the other activity packs too!

Ready to buy the bundle?


Still not sure? How does this sound?

Instead of spending HOURS of your weekends and afternoons doing lesson prep, you can relax knowing you won't need to plan, prep or search for Number or Algebra activities for the ENTIRE YEAR!

Included in the Year 5 and 6 grade bundles are SIX hands on and highly engaging activities for each new curriculum outcome. These include: 

1. True or False Tasks: Students put their critical thinking skills to the test to determine the accuracy of various statements related to number and algebra concepts

2. Would You Rather Tasks: Students must compare and contrast different mathematical scenarios, to decide on the best possible outcome

3. Super Sort Tasks: Students must think critically to categorise different mathematics problems based on different criteria

4. Math Mazes: Students will navigate their way through mazes filled with mathematical challenges to reach the finish line

5. Maths Match Up Cards: Students will match equations with their corresponding solutions in this fun and interactive activity, perfect for reinforcing your understanding of key concepts

6. Open-Ended Thinkers Keys: Students will unleash their creativity and problem-solving prowess with open-ended questions that encourage deep thinking and exploration

Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below! Otherwise enjoy the freebies!

Jess x

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Thanks…you’re a Champion!

Thanks…you’re a Champion!

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